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15212 Charlevoix St, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230 (313) 469-7479
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Bob Moses - Days Gone By
Ripe Records Detroit

Bob Moses - Days Gone By

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Double vinyl LP pressing in gatefold sleeve including digital download. Occupying the fertile ground between organic band land and an all-electronic production project, Bob Moses draw on the two poles to vividly resonate across both. A duo with an individual name, Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance's musical endeavor plays with this kind of duality all over their Domino Recordings debut Days Gone By. The album's potency in solitude marks it out as a debut worthy of deeper scrutiny. Alternating between brooding dance floor burners and moments of reflective, downbeat repose, Days Gone By is a record that's not in a rush to get to it's destination, preferring to subtly, slowly seduce rather than sway and swagger into submission, weaving a rich spectrum of sensation over the course of it's ten tracks.


  1. Like It Or Not 6:20
  2. Talk 6:49
  3. Before I Fall 3:59
  4. Too Much Is Never Enough 5:25
  5. Tearing Me Up 7:50
  6. Keeping Me Alive 4:53
  7. Nothing At All 5:17
  8. Days Gone By 6:45
  9. Writing On The Wall 4:14
  10. Touch and Go 7:26

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